About Us

PT Jawara Media Technology is the Biggest Property and IT Company located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. We provide a variety of luxury homes and low prices is if course. Get your dream home only at JMTEC and get more benefits. The benefits that you will get, namely as follows:

  • Beautiful house and affordable cheap price
  • Whatever type of house you need in Malang, you will get it at JMTEC
  • Great Location in Malang
  • You can own a house with cash or through a credit system. All payment processes will be easier for you to have a dream home

Vision and mission

Our vision is to realize the physical and mental development of the nation and state of Indonesia in the direction of positive change to achieve mutual prosperity and prosperity.

Our mission is to discuss Indonesia’s economic development, discuss employment, beautify and develop public facilities, and build housing or offices, to develop human worship to help them become the greatest.

Salam Sejahtera,

PT Jawara Media Technology